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Published: 23rd November 2011
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IT outsourcing is a transmission to the strange contractor of row of internal services and (or) internal tools of company-customer, including on the basis of the use (for example, leasing) of his software products, application, hardware and fragments of infrastructure. The simplest variant of similar practice is hosting (of) the site of a company. Many modern companies use services of outsourcing, that talks about their popularity and advantage for (at last) the consumer. Outsourcing can be considered as a service, organized by a certain company, where a few services are given in complex for the complete scope of necessities of a client. In practice, (usually) an accent is put on one of concrete services.

Maintenance of the data systems of enterprise
Subscriber maintenance of computers is the most widespread (in practice type) of outsourcing in an IT(-sphere). (At such)(Thise type of service to a customer is offering the complex set of services, allowing him to function without an own system administrator or to reduce considerably his workload) This option is offering the complex set of services to a customer. Allowing him to function without his own system administrator or reduce his workload considerably . Subscriber maintenance of computers, as a rule, include the following types of services:

• tuning and update of hardware part of equipment;
• tuning and update of software;
• creation of defence against cracking and penetration in a network;
• operative repair and replacement of equipment;
• prophylactic measures on prevention of damages and deterioration of equipment.

In practice the same firms often render concomitant services – support of workability of office equipment, modernization (upgrade) of computer park, construction of local networks, ip-telephony and tuning of automatic telephone system, IT-audit and consulting. Therefore service of computers often takes shape of service of all complex of the informative systems of an enterprise-client.

Outsourcing DPC
In many sectors of company run into a necessity to use services of data processing centers or DPC. Building of own DPC requires from a company bringing financing, implementation of general building works, decision of problems with an energy supply, purchases of server equipment, organization of service of DPC exploitation and providing of safety. DPCs periodically require current and capital modernization. Many companies prefer instead of creation of corporate DPC to conclude a treaty of SLA with commercial DPC and get services of DPC as service.

The external placing of the informative systems (SAAS)
Outsourcing of placing of the IT-systems (a model «software as a service», SAAS) is the variety of outsourcing of informative processes. Unlike ordinary hosting, SAAS outsourcer not only gives a physical equipment for placing of the informative systems but also provides their setting, support and updates.

Within the framework of model of SAAS customers pay not for a possession of software, but for its lease (for example, for its use through a web-interface). Thus, unlike the classic chart of software licensing, a customer carries comparatively small periodic expenses, and he does not need to invest essential means in purchase of the system. A chart supposes that if a necessity for software absents temporally, a customer can halt payments.

The chart of SAAS evidently demonstrates interconnection between the different types of BPO. A company which is elaborating the SAAS-systems on a management of personnel or accounting, can simultaneously be the provider of bpo-services in these directions.

Software development
Wide spreading got outsourcing of development of program code. A traditional leader in area of IT-production is China, and the leading developers of program code is India, countries of Eastern Europe, Belarus and Russia. During 2007-08, at once a few leading IT-corporations opened the own centers of development in Russia.

Russia and Belarus, together with the row of other developing countries (especially by India), are included in the second echelon of popular directions for outsourcing software development right after India and China. In Russia and Belarus in five of leaders in area of software development enter a company EPAM Systems, IBA Group, Luxoft, Accenture, Exigen Services. It is possible to mark Topcoder, for example, among foreign companies.

Alex manager of “Optimum Web” - it outsourcing company

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